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You deserve to be in control of your life. With contraception, Olivia Butt, MD, can help you have a baby only when you’re ready, protecting your current quality of life until then. To learn more about the variety of contraception options available at Alameda OB/GYN, call them or book your appointment at their Alameda, California, office today.

Contraception Q & A

What is contraception?

Contraception, also known as birth control, helps you stay in charge of your life. Whether you want a child in a year or five years, or never plan to have kids, contraception ensures that you only get pregnant when you’re ready.

Some forms of contraception, like condoms, need to be used every time you have sex. While this is certainly better than no birth control at all, condoms are only about 85% effective. That’s why Dr. Butt offers her patients contraception alternatives.

What are my contraception options?

Beyond condoms, the most common types of birth control are the pill and intrauterine devices (IUDs).

The pill

The pill is a hormone-based contraceptive. The hormones within the pill prevent your body from ovulating (creating an egg that sperm could fertilize). If you choose the pill, you’ll take one very small pill at the same time each day. The timing is important: Missing a pill at your scheduled time could lead to ovulation. If you do miss a pill, it’s a good idea to use a backup birth control method for a week.


If you’re looking for a contraception option that’s more hands-off, the IUD could be right for you. An IUD is a very small device that Dr. Butt places in your uterus. There are multiple kinds of IUDs, and they each works differently.

There are hormonal options that work similarly to the pill. Or, if you want to go a hormone-free route, ask Dr. Butt about the copper IUD. The copper in the device makes your womb inhospitable to sperm. Most IUDs are effective for about three years, but the copper IUD lasts 10 years.

Should I be on birth control?

If you are sexually active — or plan to become sexually active — and aren’t ready to start a family, contraception can help you protect your current quality of life. With the right birth control method in place, you can rest easy knowing you’ll only get pregnant when you want to bring a child into the world.

Dr. Butt will work with you to determine the right birth control method for your body, your wants and needs, and your lifestyle. To learn more or to get started, call Alameda OB/GYN or schedule your appointment online.