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Medical advancement has made our lives significantly more comfortable. And that’s perhaps most true when it comes to surgery. Today, Olivia Butt, MD, can offer minimally invasive gynecological surgeries from the comfort of her Alameda, California, office. To learn more about how you can have your procedure performed with minimal pain, downtime, and scarring, call Alameda OB/GYN or schedule your appointment online.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries Q & A

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Gone are the days when doctors needed to create an incision to fully open up the surgery site. Today, the latest medical technology enables Dr. Butt to create small keyhole incisions, through which she can feed a laparoscope. This is a very thin, long tube with a tiny camera attached at the end. The laparoscope serves as her eyes so she can see what’s going on at the surgery site without the need to create any large incisions that would result in post-op pain, a longer recovery time, and scarring.

What kind of procedures can be performed this way?

Minimally invasive surgery has come a long way. There are a number of different procedures that Dr. Butt can perform through just a few small incisions — or no incisions at all. These include:


Whether you need a hysterectomy because of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or cancer, or for another reason, know that you can have this surgery performed without a major incision. Dr. Butt can perform your hysterectomy laparoscopically, minimizing your recovery time and pain during the healing process.

Tubal ligation

If you know you don’t want to have any more children, tubal ligation can cement your family planning. Dr. Butt performs this procedure laparoscopically to give you the sterilization you want without the ramifications of a major surgery.

Endometrial ablation

You don’t have to suffer through excessively heavy, long periods. If your periods often last more than eight days or come with extremely heavy blood flow, endometrial ablation can help. During this procedure, Dr. Butt surgically destroys the lining of your uterus to reduce menstrual blood flow.

Dr. Butt performs endometrial ablation by entering your uterus via your vagina and cervix. As a result, no incision is needed.

Is minimally invasive surgery right for me?

If you need or want any of the above procedures performed, minimally invasive surgery is a way to get the treatment you need while minimizing its detrimental impacts on your body. As a seasoned minimally invasive surgeon, Dr. Butt can deliver your gynecological treatment while protecting your overall health and helping you bounce back from your procedure as quickly as possible.

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